We don’t carry Rob Bell’s books anymore

On Saturday Phil called – apparently he had gone into Parables (Red Deer) and asked for a Rob Bell book.  The clerk told him they didn’t carry his books anymore since he (Rob Bell) didn’t believe in Hell.  I wonder, do they read and agree with every author that they carry?  I doubt it.  I thought it was the burning of books and the Church’s determination of truth that lead to the Reformation.  Now the reformers need reforming.

So I’ve decided to pick up a copy of Love Wins and read it for myself…having read parts of Chan’s book Erasing Hell.  Here’s a link to a debate with Rob Bell around his book.  I just need to read it for myself.

* * * * * * 

Two new Rachel videos are uploaded to dec24guy….check them out – leave a comment like ….she’s the most gorgeous baby ever, or wow Fred she’s got your hairline!  You get the message.

Jason and Susan decided to make an earlier trip to TO than we expected – we were not disappointed!  So here’s a couple of photos.

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