Family thoughts for October 20

Jason makes the Listowel Banner – again

Listowel Ontario holds a specials spot in the heart of our family.  It’s the town where Wendy and I began our ministry, it’s the town where Jason and Philip were born and it’s where Rachel lives with her parents!  Jason and Susan live there and are settling in nicely to ministry in this town of 6000.  The Listowl Banner have just published this photo of some of the food donations that have been given to Community Services.  Note Jason doesn’t have glasses on – he’s gone to contacts.  Very cool.

Amanda & Phil & the mountains
Phil and Amanda live in a setting that should be, likely is, the envy of most Canadians.  From their town of Canmore they can walk out the door onto the side of the mountain.  Ice climbing, rock climbing, hiking through the trails are something they enjoy.  This photos is a great one of them and I love it!  We wish they lived closer but glad they enjoy the setting and the life-style it affords them.
Every October 20 our minds turn back to 2002, the year Dad’s earthly life ended and he began an eternity in heaven.  I sound pretty confident about that – I am.  We wonder aloud what he’s doing in heaven – we wonder aloud what heaven is really like.  The word pictures of The Bible suggest several things which are intriguing.  No sorrow.  No pain.  No night.  Great joy.  No sin.  It suggests that we will understand what we don’t now.  It suggests that we will know others – and our lives will have a fullness that this life doesn’t fully afford.  The Bible includes words like paradise, reward, joy, holiness, the presence of God… a complete picture of what life on earth was intended to be like.  Heaven is shrouded in mystery – it’s hard to understand eternal terms from a finite world.
Remembering Dad
I am certain though that Dad – our Dad – is there.  I am certain that he awaits us.  We want to be faithful to God so someday we will share God’s reward with him.
In the meantime – on days like this – our minds wander into the eternal.

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