The last time I toured the Maritime Division

The last time I was in the Maritime Division was as a Cadet…our second year around Easter!  The year was 1983 and our brigade is pictured to the right.  My goodness how young we all look.  The tall guy at the back with glasses is me…no, on the left with glasses!

We sang our way across Nova Scotia and enjoyed being together.  We were part of the Heralds of Hope Session.

This was the week that I asked the congregation to sing an old song “It only takes a spark to get a fire going…” – remember it? Well as we sang it someone ran into the hall of that small congregation to let people attending know their house was on fire!  Talk about timing!

This week I’ve been in Sydney, Kentville, Spryfield and Halifax.  Yesterday we crossed over into New Brunswick and visited Fredericton, Moncton and Sussex.  Of course the scenery is beautiful, especially along the Saint John River.

Our emphasis upon Recruitment for Officership continues and this has been a good experience.  As well, this has allowed me to see the facilities of this part of Canada as well as meet a number of Officers for the first time.  All in all it’s been a rewarding time.

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