When the truck arrives

That’s it.  The boxes are filled, recorded on our inventory, numbered and sealed.  We’re ready for the big day Friday…loading the truck.  For 28 years I’ve never seen a moving truck that didn’t cause me a brief bit of anxiety.  Whether it’s one by the side of the road loading someone else’s belongings, or we pass one on the highway.  A moving truck just solicites an emotional reaction from me.

The truck just represents change.  Often big change, significant change and of course geographical change.

This time we’re leaving Alberta without Philip and Amanda.  How we will miss them.  Getting together for a weekend just isn’t possible when you’re 4000 km away.

Speaking of distance – we’ve got the route mapped out and we’re trying a different way to Southern Ontario this time.  We’ve driven the northern route a couple of times.  This time we’ll go under Lake Michigan crossing at Port Huron.  But that’s a few days away yet.

Soon it’s time to load the moving truck!


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