Salsa Nights part 2

Wendy’s post…

As I mentioned in the previous post there were various techniques that were learned during this process.  The big learning in this was learning how to paper piece.  This technique has you lining up each piece of fabric with a paper pattern and sewing on the lines.  The purpose of this is to give you great points on your triangles without having to attempting to have the seams line up.  Sound like it should be an easy way to sew if you are sewing on lines – right?  Well, in the end, it does make it easier, but the process was very challenging for me.  It does help to take a class and practice the technique a bit to get the hang of it.  For good instructions on how to paper piece here is a link: bellaonline,

perfect points

I really liked the colours that were used in this quilt.  When I chose this quilt I had my oldest son in mind for the quilt knowing he would enjoy the colours used in it, had I known that the finishing kit for this included paper piecing I may not have so eagerly ventured on.  As I work outside the home time is not in abundance for quilting, thus this quilt has taken me quite a long time to complete.  After I had completed the 12 blocks over the year I then launched into the finishing kit.  The first few instructions included Block A – Cornerstone – make 20.  Triangle Sashing – Unit A – make 31 (seven-step process), Unit B – make 31 (six-step process).  Ooops, this will take a while, stay tuned…

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