The Sugar Pine Co. Canmore

It’s open!
Wendy writing…. When travelling I keep my eye out for quilt shops.  Quilt shops come in lots of sizes and shapes – some are quite small, packed tightly with everything the owner can squeeze in, others are large and well layed out.  No matter to the quilter – just the right piece is worth looking for!
(Growing the stash is another objective of the quilter.)

Today we were in Canmore and so we stopped into The Sugar Pine Co. – a favourite spot of mine.  And since we stopped in I was able to get a couple of pieces of fabric for a current project!

fabric galore

The Sugar Pine Co. is a favourite because of the numerous projects that are hung on the walls and around the shop.  It is truly inspiring – truly motivating.  They have very small lap quilts and large complex quilts.  As well they are very good at putting the patterns and fabric into kits so that you can duplicate what is on display.

However, if you would rather pick out your own fabrics to give the pattern a different look – well there’s plenty to choose from.

Part of a quilt hanging inside

I think one of the owners now recognizes us when we walk in!  He always smiles and welcomes us.  Traveling around the province lets us see many quilt shops and this is definitely one of my favourites.

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