Can you tow with a car?

There is a belief in the RV world, it would seem mostly amongest pickup truck owners, that there vehicle of choice is the only sensible choice.   Wendy and I, following the model of Trailer Les, decided to hitch up the minivan and pull our trailer.

The first van we had was underpowered, but sufficient if we took it easy.  It had the 3.5L engine with a struggling 200 hp.  The second van has a well matched engine at 3.9L and 240 hp.  When we are towing with this van  we don’t seem to struggle uphill at all.  In fact we’ve passed our fair share of those muscular pickups struggling to keep going up a steep slope.
I’ve been reading RV lifestyles and they have a strong connection to Can-Am Centre (London, Ontario) where the photo above was taken.  If you go to their website you can watch a video of a PT Cruiser towing a small Airstream.

Some day I hope to be able to drop in on these folks and see their setup…oh, and by the way I love the 300C with the 28 foot Airstream!

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