To have or not have a coach

I’ve been thinking of engaging a coach – not a sports coach of course, but a life coach.  Do you have one?  Is it helpful?  Why did YOU engage a coach?  Is it expensive?  Is there any such thing as a free coach?

The debate in my mind is around whether this should be the first priority….or….engaging a spiritual director.

A coach draws out of you…to build your own skill level, problem solve, grow in character.
A spiritual director does the same but with the express purpose of bringing new spiritual growth.
A mentor pours into you….to help you with areas of growth in your life.

Note the differences are subtle, but each has a real value.

Do you have anyone that speaks into your world?  Anyone who draws out of you or pours into you?  Would you like to tell us about that person who has supported your growth?

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