Memory is powerful

It’s Saturday morning – the sun is later coming up these days and there is a definite chill in the air.  The furnace is running longer and more frequently – okay, so it is on all the time now – and with it comes a drier house!  Yes all the signs of the coming change in season is before us.

I’ve booked the van in to have our snow tires put on next week and I see a couple of things that need to be done in the yard before our first snow comes.  The garden, the lawn, the trees are all ready for winter – they seem dead but we know they are only sleeping until the call of a warm spring day awakens them.

How quickly the seasons go by.  Tomorrow will mark eight years since the funeral service for my Dad – he’s been on my mind, and that of our family, this week.  Time has not diminished his influence – not in my life.

I’m not sure how memory works – how the data of “remembering” is stored.  It would be interesting to learn about that and to know how “physically” our brain is able to capture sounds, images, even smells!  How does our cortex function so that, like we were leafing through a filing cabinet or photo album, we are able to recall – actually pull out a memory.  Sometimes though memories are faint – “where were we”, we ask – and yet at other times we can smell the ocean, feel the wind against our face like it just happened a day or two ago.

It’s my Dad’s welcome that is like that.  I can still see his smile, see his open arms, hear his joyful voice.  Memory is powerful.

What’s your strongest memory?

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