Podcast additions

Frequent visitors to this blog will know I’m an avid podcast listener.  Todate I have a significant list of podcasts I enjoy.  I’ve recently picked up this podcast, The Look and Sound of Leadership – and I highly recommend you taking a listen to see if you can find positive returns for yourself.

Tom Henschel is the executive coach that provides the content for this superb teaching podcast.  In his podcast entitled “Be Impeccible with your Word” he makes this summary:

“Being impeccable with your word can mean any number of things. In business, it can mean:
Being on time to meetings you’ve agreed to attend;
Replying to emails within the agreed-upon standards of the culture;
Completing monthly administrative reports on time with no errors;
Attaching the document you said you’re attaching;
Giving credit where credit is due;
Giving honest feedback;
Explaining “what happened” without assumptions, interpretations or inflations;
Resisting gossip.”

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