Give Peace A Chance

Driving uphill at 120km/hour…or a bit less, I found myself suddenly among several cars swerving to miss the traffic that had come to a sudden halt north bound – it seems that on the far side of the hill one lane was closed.  Everyone had ground to halt just out of our sight.  I went for the shoulder – the guy behind me headed to the ditch – and for just a moment I thought that I was going to be in one of those 50 car pile ups.  Thank you Lord for keeping me safe.

Tomorrow would be John Lennon’s 70th birthday…but he’s dead.  Though his music was good, okay — great, his lyrics don’t marry my philosophy of living.  So I won’t be lighting any candles or singing “Imagine”.  While the whole “give peace a chance” theme is good and right, his belief that the answer to our ills is found in ourselves and our own goodness is simply at odds with reality.  While there are good people – and people who do good things – without a transformed heart we tend to seek our own selfish ends which leads to all the problems John Lennon identified in his songs.  Transformed hearts only come through God’s Spirit.

So you can see I have something to say tonight…you didn’t think that I could go two nights with nothing to say?  Did you?  This is thanksgiving in Canada…a weekend to remember all the good that flows from God’s hand to us.

Welcome to follower 24.

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