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10000 reasons to be thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!


Carlyle is grateful

Amanda sent a wonderful picture of how they recorded their thankfulness today! It was on a pumpkin. Carlyle had lots of things she was grateful for….here’s a few!

Being grateful has so many benefits…and really? Who wants to be around ungrateful people? Yes, we have much to be grateful about. How about you? What are  you grateful for?

Thanksgiving 2014

It’s not normal at all that Wendy and I would not be together for a long weekend, especially one that is built around the thanksgiving holiday.  But this year we indeed found ourselves in different parts of the country.  Wendy was/is in St. John’s with Jason, Susan, Rachel, Ted and Beth and I was here celebrating with Mom, Cath, Terry, Noah and Laura.

I think we both had a good time but I did miss being together.

The game Apples to Apples is becoming a regular feature of our get togethers and I admit to finding myself struggling to breathe as I laughed hardily.

Meanwhile in St. John’s Wendy was enjoying being with Jason and Susan and Rachel, Ted and Beth.