James comes to Alberta

James Cameron, the famous director/producer of big budget movies (ie. Titanic, Avatar) visited our province today.  He flew into Fort McMurray to research the oil sands.  The continuing debate on the ethical development of the massive depository of oil in the north-east corner of Alberta divides the population.  What doesn’t divide the population is the actual use of fossil fuels.

James Cameron

We continue to line up at the pump.  In fact I would guess even James Cameron arrived by jet not dog sled.  We are not just dependant on fossil fuels – our economy is based on it.  To think that solar, wind or nuclear power is going to change the way in which we operate is naive.  There must be an economic driver – not just an environmental one for there to be change in the way we live.

So welcome to Alberta Mr. Cameron – enjoy the tour and as you leave don’t forget you actually need this resource.

By the way I filled up the van today…the price of fuel was 87.5 cents per liter.  A great deal more expensive than the 42 cents a gallon it was when I first started driving.  In case you aren’t sure how that compares that’s less than  10 cents per liter.

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