Gastroscope – what to expect!

Today was my gastroscope and I’m happy to report it went well.  I have a hiatus hernia – but it isn’t serious and the doc has given me a prescription to help heal me.  Before I went to the hospital this morning I read someone else’s report on their experience.  It was helpful, but as my experience was different I thought I might recount some of it to let you have a sense of what you might expect.

First let me say, that hospitals always seem cold to me.  I now make it a habit to wear warm socks – it is about all that you get to wear other than the fashionable gown!  I was in the day surgery unit – about 18 beds in a big room.  Whenever I enter this room I envision a large orphanage with a host of kids propped up on their beds.  The treatment room is next door – and of course after going through the usual “what are you allergic to?” questions and taking of my blood pressure and inserting the needle for an IV feed I was given one warning.  “They are going to spray the back of your throat and it tastes disgusting.  It is really bad.”

I am here to testify that it does – really bad!  But the whole procedure – the camera down the throat part only takes about 5 minutes.

I remember nothing…after spraying my throat I received the antistitic and I was gone.  I may remember something going down my throat but it is so faint of a memory I’m not really sure.  The next thing I knew I was looking at the wall back in the orphanage.  Nurse Tammy got me up – and I think I did quite well.  Fortunately Wendy doesn’t blog here so she won’t be retelling the story.

What I can say is that I’m really looking forward to some solid food tomorrow!

If you having surgery – don’t forget the warm socks!

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