Failure is a teacher

It’s night time at PLC…a cool evening and we can hear the coyotes howling in a nearby field.  There is something settling about being here.  After a day in Calgary I have to return there tomorrow so it seemed good to spend the night here and save the hotel money.  As well Wendy is on the eve of her Women’s Retreat weekend.

I was listening to CBC radio today on the journey to Calgary…I’m not always happy with CBC radio and their take on life, the values they espouse, but I was taken by the discussion around failure.  We fear failure and yet the more we fail the more we learn…failure teaches us.  I think of days, as a kid, of learning to ride a bike.  How many times did I end up falling off before I found the sweet spot of balance and discovered that I had more control than ever.

No – failure is a good teacher – and perhaps more than anything failure keeps our ego in check.  For without failure we can begin to believe that we can’t…or at the very least won’t fail.  And that is a very dangerous place to live.

As a minister of the gospel I can count several times when I failed – failed to respond in time, or my judgement was off, or I didn’t trust God as I should have.  And in those moments I learned about myself, God’s people and God Himself.

Failure will follow us and I am okay with that …as long as I’m faithful to God, Wendy and myself.

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