Poolside Post

I never thought I would write this…but here I am sitting in the shade by the pool blogging!  Amazing.  The sun is hot.  It feels like you’re leaning over a hot stove when you walk in the sun.  It isn’t long before you feel the sweat forming on your brow.  Sitting in the shade isn’t cool…or make that cold.  No, no, it is a refreshingly hot day.

Wendy and I did a bit more “cross border shopping” again and we picked up a few bargains.  Afterward we stopped by the local Kroc Centre…in one word: WOW!  What a huge facility.  We are going to go to the corps there tomorrow – stand by for further word.

Our internet connection at the campground isn’t very fast so uploading photos is a bit painful….so photos are limited but fear not the camera is still with me as we travel.  A full album will get posted to Photobucket on our return home.

One final comment – having finished Come Thirsty I have now turned to “The Associate” by John Grisham.  I’ll let you know how it reads.

So good-bye from pool side! (Splash!)

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