God’s story and ours is mixed

The warm sun promises us another nice day here in Idaho – us and the rest of the refugees from Alberta see king asylum from what has been a cold wet summer back home.  I’m still deciding if we are going back, and if we don’t how to work from here.  I think it is possible.

This morning the sun beckoned me, my chair and a cup of coffee…and so I dug into “Come Thirsty” by Max Lucado.  I don’t know the man but though his writings I feel that with each book he reveals a bit more of himself.  Preaching is like that too – a slow reveal of your heart, your interests, your wants and desires.  In some way so is blogging – a bit is revealed with each subject, each anniversary, each update.

I once had a counselor tell me she could tell me what my “issues” were if she listened to me preach for a year.  I understand the sentiment but if we let the text speak we can avoid what I refer to as sermons on opinion and get to what is revealed about God, His character and of course His great theme of redemption.

It is my hope that the same thing happens here – you know a bit about me, my family, who I am but you are also reminded that in each of our lives God is at work – whether you believe or know it or not – and the great story of redemption is not yet finished being composed.

Yesterday we were in Spokane and I spent some time at Borders Bookstore…a favourite spot of mine.  I was looking at a blogging resource – a guide as it were to those who want to blog, like to blog, have a blog.  It was an interesting read and the temptation to buy it was strong.  In the end I didn’t but I did pick up a few pointers.

Finally as we drove back into the campground last night we stopped to take a picture looking back towards Post Falls.  It was a gorgeous night – here’s a photo of why we stopped.

It reminded me that here too God’s story of redemption is not yet fully revealed.

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