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Justice Ken Pedlar

One of the great Salvationists I was exposed to in my younger years as an officer was Judge Ken Pedlar, now Justice Ken Pedlar.  His family had connections to mine and we served together on a couple of committees that brought his influence on my thinking. It also created a deep respect for his integrity and intelligence.

This announcement has just been made and it was a delight to read of his being awarded in such a manner.  Below is a portion of the story.

From the Kingston Whig:

“Justice Kenneth Pedlar will receive the Frontenac Law Association’s Lou Tepper Award of Excellence at its annual general meeting on Friday.

Pedlar is a semi-retired judge with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice serving Perth and Brockville. Prior to that, he sat in Kingston for nearly 20 years.

A graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School, Pedlar practised general litigation in Kingston until his appointment to Kingston’s Ontario Court of Justice, Family and Youth Division, and then to the Criminal Division.

Since 1999, the law association has presented an award of excellence to recognize the achievements or contributions of a local lawyer to the legal community or to the community in general.

Pedlar was a lawyer in Kingston for 10 years before becoming a judge in 1980.

In 1999, Pedlar was appointed to the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario with special responsibility for family law cases.

He became semi-retired in November 2014, and is now working on a reduced schedule.

“The award of excellence is not presented every year,” Frontenac Law Association president Leslie H. Morley said in a statement. “However, this year we had a particularly strong candidate. We are pleased to present the award to Justice Kenneth Pedlar, an accomplished jurist and dedicated humanitarian, who is a favourite with many eastern Ontario lawyers and litigants.”

In a telephone interview on Wednesday, Pedlar said the award is especially gratifying because it’s named after Tepper, a longtime Kingston lawyer who Pedlar says was a father figure and mentor to him.”


A little secret

As a young Salvation Army officer I resigned at least 3442 times…well I didn’t actually resign but I had intentions!  Low pay, hard people, little success….ahhhh!  Of course all that’s in the eye of the beholder for we had all the food and shelter we needed and people are people no matter the job.  And success, well that’s hard to measure in the easiest of jobs.

As for the resignation letters – I never sent any and in time I realized I could keep it in my file so I didn’t have to keep re-writing it.  That saves a great deal of time you know.

Recently, at a community mapping day, the presenter put this up and I thought I should have had that on my wall starting in year one of ministry!

So here I am 32 years later and so glad I didn’t resign for the rewards have been amazing and many. Most of those rewards have come in the stories of people whose lives have been transformed – changed – souls saved – families improved and so many other ways.

God is good – and faithful – and He never writes a resignation letter!

Getting married is taking a risk

Today I’m off to do something I haven’t done in years – probably over 5 years to be exact.  I’m meeting with a couple to talk about my doing their pre-martial counselling.  Actually counselling is to strong a word – I prefer to think of myself as a guide to allow them to know each other better and to begin the real dialogue which will last them many years.

The odds of course are not with them.  Marriage is a risky matter and the statistics tell us that many people doe’t do so well in it or at it. However, with some hard work and a commitment to each other marriage can be one of God’s great gifts.  So in my opinion the risk is worth taking for the reward.

When we enter marriage we think of it as a 50/50 arrangement – I think that’s a dangerous presumption.  Can I expect to get that much?  How about this kind of thinking – let’s call it a 100/0 surrender – I will give my all with no expectation.  What do you think I’ll get back?

Relationships are the key to happiness – whether in marriage or in the larger family or with good friends.  Relationships take work – and leaving them unattended will guarantee their demise.

So pray for them – pray for all work at relationships.

When something is missing in your life, it usually turns out to be someone.  ~Robert Brault, www.robertbrault.com