A little secret

As a young Salvation Army officer I resigned at least 3442 times…well I didn’t actually resign but I had intentions!  Low pay, hard people, little success….ahhhh!  Of course all that’s in the eye of the beholder for we had all the food and shelter we needed and people are people no matter the job.  And success, well that’s hard to measure in the easiest of jobs.

As for the resignation letters – I never sent any and in time I realized I could keep it in my file so I didn’t have to keep re-writing it.  That saves a great deal of time you know.

Recently, at a community mapping day, the presenter put this up and I thought I should have had that on my wall starting in year one of ministry!

So here I am 32 years later and so glad I didn’t resign for the rewards have been amazing and many. Most of those rewards have come in the stories of people whose lives have been transformed – changed – souls saved – families improved and so many other ways.

God is good – and faithful – and He never writes a resignation letter!


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