Happy Birthday Cath!

A very happy birthday wish to Catherine – my youngest sister!  I was up at the Cottage with Nanny Eastland  in 1968 when she was born.  As the cottage had no phone each day we would take the boat across to Morrison’s General Store where we bought most of our ongoing supplies.  This day there was a message to call home collect.

The phone was a wooden one hanging on the wall and a handle on one side that you cranked to ring the operator…I know it sounds like something from 50 years previously….and then the operator phoned Hamilton to my parents where my Dad answered and told me I had a baby sister.

Well the years continue to click by and now Cath is a wife and mother….but best of all she’s my sister!  So we wish her the very best on her birthday and look forward to the day we live close enough to celebrate together.


Happy Canada Day 2010

Yesterday it was my privilege, with Karen Diaper to present to Brian Hodgson, Sgt At Arms for the Alberta Legislature, a photograph of the front of the Legistlative Building, as a gift of appreciation for his assistance with our Salvation Army Day at the Alberta Legislature.  The photograph is from the collection of Ian McKenzie.  Ian is our Employee Relations Director and a gifted photographer.  
Speaking of photographs…here’s a few from our garden.  When it comes to a growing season, Edmonton may start late but the long days of sunshine make up for the delay.  The header, which I change regularly, is of an Iris that was growing by the pond at Pigeon Lake.

Happy Canada Day!

It’s the eve of Canada Day…and so I end this day with a wish to you all for a very happy July 1st.

This is from last year when we were at Pine Lake for July 1st and we shared in the cake!  Tomorrow we’ll be home and enjoying a bbq I am sure.  And yes, we’ll be picking more strawberries…so on to Sherri’s question from Summer feels like it is here.

Our strawberry patch is only about 6X6 but it faces south and was well fertilized.  At this time of the year the sun rises about 4:30 a.m. and doesn’t set until about 11 p.m. so they have lots of growing time and they are fully exposed to the sun!  And strawberries love sunshine!

In closing I want to give out a shout to our friends in Ontario and BC who will start paying HST tomorrow….from the only province in Canada that has no PST…thus we pay only 5%…GST!

A few thoughts about us as a family and our interests.