Still looking for what I want

Welcome to follower #19…Renee…nice to have you following.

You see I’ve changed the layout of my blog again.  I’m on the hunt for what I want, and I think simple is what I want.  Maybe WordPress is where I should be. Did you want to leave a comment?

I’ve mentioned in the past how much I’ve enjoyed the writing of Mark Buchanan. Here’s the first of a video series with Mark introducing another of his books. He is going to be the speaker at BC’s Retreat this year. I’m thinking we might like to have him come in 2012.


Things I’ve done

Amanda, our sweet daughter*in*love, just posted things she would like to do…so as I’m a little further down the proverbial garden path I thought I would list some of the things I’ve done!

* dived off a cliff (50 feet off the water) * met and spoken with 10 of the 18 Generals of The Salvation Army (Clifton, Larsson, Gowans, Rader, Tillsley, Burrows, Wahlstrom, Wiseman, Brown, Coutts) * created a blog (running since 2005) * had several articles published * had several photographs published * lived in 5 of Canada’s 10 provinces * visited all 10 Provinces and 3 Territories * visited UK, USA, Jamaica * had two children * married 31…almost 32 years * driven a truck * driven a car * driven a bike * driven a scooter * grown a mustache * had hair down to my shoulders (yes!) * made a pie from scratch * baked a cake * attended the opera * attended the ballet * attended live theatre * sang a song in a theatre production * sang a solo * learned to play a brass instrument * learned to play a guitar * stayed awake over 30 hours * fixed a car engine (on my own) * made a table from wood * driven to Canada’s most westerly point * driven to Canada’s most easterly point * sold shoes for a living * worked in a photography shop * kept a government secret (still have – signed a confidentiality agreement) * held a person’s hand while they died * helped pick up a dead body * led a funeral * led a marriage ceremonry * told a person their son was dead * told a man his wife was dead * planned a large event * read the Bible from cover to cover * failed a french course (languages don’t come easy to moi) * climbed a mountain * drank from the water of a glacier * slept on the side of a mountain * never broken a bone in my body * stood on the shore of Hudson Bay * flown across northern Canada * been to Alaska *  bought a brand new car * bought “a beater” * swam across a lake * given my life to God *

Of course there are still things I want to do as well, but that’s a different list!

Back to reality

It was the first day back in the office.  About 1275 updates to my contact list, 375 emails to download and a few phone calls to return.  But all in all a relatively painless re-entry!

Coming back from holidays is a good time to analyze how we work.  As there is always more to do in a day than physically possible, a necessary exercise is needed.  Simply put it requires dividing the urgent from the important.  What divides the urgent from the important can be measured by time and impact.  What is urgent often has little impact in the long run, but clearly that which is important has great impact.
Dealing with the important is well, important!  But the urgent takes so much of our time and energy – it can keep us from what really matters.  
When I get back in the office I make a list of tasks lying before me, then begin to prioritize.  It’s amazing how many things don’t seem so urgent when they are laid beside those things that are important.

A few thoughts about us as a family and our interests.