Gaining perspective

Perspective – right now I need some.  What’s that saying…”can’t see the forest for the trees?”  That’s how it can be some days.  Dealing with the host of details in the office, mixed with personal opinion, a variety of opportunities and a limited amount of resources can create a foggy view.  Perspective comes when we can get above the detail and see the larger themes.   What might be those themes?  You might consider history…a difficult one when we move around so much…do we really understand what “has been”.

You might ask, is understanding history that important?  I think it is and my reason has to do with how things are now.  The way things are now in your world has to do with how things were in the past.  Seems simple but how often do we dismiss what “has been”.

Perspective also comes when you can understand context…the larger theme of how your world fits into what is around it.  I remember when the price of natural gas was near $10/GJ and marketers were encouraging us to “lock in” at $7/GJ but you had to agree to that price for 5 years.  Well 5 years later the price is just over $4/GJ…  I phoned one the men I know in the natural gas business to get advice and he put our local circumstance into the global market and I understood that we should not be locking in.

Perspective also gives us emotional distance.  If there is one thing that gets in our way when it comes to gaining perspective it is our fear or anger…our emotions!  It clouds our judgement.

Of course as Christians we believe we don’t need to climb to a higher elevation to get perspective – rather we get perspective by studying God’s Word, the Bible.  It provides history, context and a place and way to evaluate our emotions.  Paul’s call…to think soberly!


No Earthquake or Hurricane

Our weather has been unseasonably cool all summer.  We’ve only had one day that reached 30 C and that was last week.  Our winter temperatures can be very cold – in fact I’m thinking we can compete with Winnipeg’s weather easily!  Yet we don’t sit precariously on the of the Pacific Ocean awaiting the big bump to drop us into the oblivion.  Nor do we sit in the path of an oncoming Hurricane!

No there are things worse than cool temperatures to deal with.

Speaking of weather, is there something we talk about more than our weather?

My podcast favourites

I’m an avid podcast listener.  I use iTunes to collect these but here’s the direct links if you are interested.

Got any recommendations you would add to the list?  Add a comment!

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