Balloon Animals

Our garden has produced some bright Black-eyed Susan’s this year!  I love that plant – it is one of the last to flower in our garden.  It arrives as the last of the daisies die off.

We were back to the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market this morning, and for most of the morning it was relatively warm.  This fellow was making balloon animals – he worked steadily, child and after child with dozens of different coloured balloons in the pouch on his side.  The was very talented and I thought…could you imagine sitting at home practising?

Tonight we were off to Bruce and Louise’s home – just north of us.  Bruce showed me his recently restored 1969 Ford Pick-up…a brillant yellow with a high gloss and 408hp under the hood.  NICE!

We were there to welcome Steve and Danielle and family.  I am looking forward to their contribution to the division and to Edmonton.


Winterizing the RV

And so the Labour Day weekend has begun…and to mark the occassion I have winterized the trailer.

Antifreeze in the lines…check.
Antifreeze in the drains….check.
Hot water tank drained….check.
Holding tanks drained and antifreeze in them…check.
All liquids out of the cupboards…ahh…I better go check double check that!

Here’s the order I always use in winterizing.

1. Make sure the holding tanks are empty.
2. Open the taps and take the ends off the low point drains
3. Remove the plug on the hot water tank and let it drain
4. Close the flow director for the hot water tank
5. With all the water drained, open the flow director for the water pump to be able to pump the antifreeze
6. Close all the taps, turn on the water pump while putting the intake into the antifreeze jug
7. Open one tap, hot and cold at a time and let the antifreeze run through the taps
8. Make sure that the outside taps get antifreeze too
9. Pour some antifreeze down the drains and into the toilet
10. I leave the drain plug out of the hot water tank – just in case their any water sitting in there…remember a little water freezes faster than large amounts
11. Remove the battery – clean the posts and put in a small box – store where it won’t freeze – ours always goes in the garage
12. Go inside the house and cry that winter is coming!

Photography DVD lessons

When I went to pick up my G10 from the “hospital”…I noticed they had these DVD’s on sale.  Normally $35 they were only $7!  So I picked one up to take a look.  I have the Digital Rebel XT…an OLD model now, but it still works great.  It is just a bit bulky for all our travels, especially when I’m carrying different lenses too.

Here’s a great little website I stumbled on at supper time tonight.  It features some interesting artilces and is a great resource.

I was really taken by the photos in their article on using blur in photography!  Wow!

I really wanted to be a professional photographer in my 20’s…my how equipment has changed!  My first camera, (film of course) was a Ricoh, was entirely manual, had a primative light meter (so I used a hand held one too) and the lens was a screw on mount.  I replaced that with a Minolta (now Sony) which had some auto features but still manual focus and zoom and later upgraded to another Minolta that was fully automatic (if you wanted it).

Now my film cameras sit idly by as the digital world makes them a vague memory.  I wonder what will replace what we use now?  Got any ideas?

A few thoughts about us as a family and our interests.