Happy birthday Wendy

This is a day of celebration – Wendy’s birthday! We have a wonderful campsite and it is nicely protected by the hills around us.

There were heavy winds today as we were in the Spokane area and the radio reported a dust storm.

It seems half of Alberta is in Idaho and area. It seems that many of us want to escape the unpreditable summers of the prairies.


Travelling to warmth

Finally seemed to be the word that was going through my mind as we drove west out of Canmore towards Hwy. 93 and then turned south.  Going through Banff National Park and then Yoho National Park the temperatures slowly raised and the sun also raised our spirits.

When you come to the end of Yoho there is a cut in the rock that gives you a sense that you are entering a new land or at least a new place.  As you go through the thin ‘S’ road you break into a very broad, and it seems into a very sunny, almost always sunny place.  Radium has always been one of our favourite places to stop…but today there was no stopping as we continued south towards more warmth.

A few thoughts about us as a family and our interests.