The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda Territory issued a new vision statement. This was in line with the work we have been doing on a new operating model. I can’t go into great detail on that here, other than to say it has been a detailed work with some very exciting work. I have enjoyed my part in this and look forward to the impact this will have on our operations.

Here is the new vision statement:

 We are an innovative partner,
                mobilized to share hope wherever there is hardship,
                           building communities that are just and know the love of Jesus.

One of the outcomes of this has been for corps (our churches) to establish their own ministry strategy to support the vision.

I have always thought of a vision statement as something that happens when the mission statement gets worked out.

Here’s where I am going. On Sunday past, our congregation was told what our local committment is and we were asked about how we personally will help fulfill that committment. “ Edmonton Temple: connecting, growing and sharing the love of Jesus to our communities” is what Wendy and I are thinking about. If we’re part of this community of believers how do we fulfill our part of that committment?

I am more convinced than ever that the future of The Church in Canada is dependant upon our individual interaction with the neighbours we live by and the words and actions that we chose. I am very interested in how over time we can be to our neighbours the chaplains or the pastors. How can we be shepherds – I think I like that title better – to folks around us who are in their own spiritual journey?

This is where the working out of our faith lies. Not in our church attendance, as important as that is, but in ourneighbourhood.

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