Visionary leadership

I led our corps ministry department for 3.5 years and loved the role and the opportunity to influence the mission through strategy and program initiatives. It also was a time of great interaction with some excellent corps officers.

We initiated round tables for indigenous leaders, for church planters, began a working group on rural ministry, and had a successful application for SSHRC grant to research the ways in which the church supported new Canadians.

One of the couples who showed great promise and we had the opportunity to work with closely were Brent and Melissa Haas. I won’t go into detail but they really made great strides in engaging the community and community leaders.

So I was thrilled to see them used recently in a presentation on leading post-pandemic. The department, now renamed corps mission, held a webinar which was really well done. I’ve grabbed the link and inserted it here should you wish to watch and even share it.

What’s your reaction to this? What will you take away?

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