Chance meetings

Yesterday was the first day that you had to show your proof of vaccination in order to board an airplane in Canada. This federal requirement is one I am very pleased to see enacted and yes I believe that all who can, should be vaccinated. You’re protecting yourself, me and my family, and especially those most at risk – so hurrah for this requirement.

However, it appeared the airport wasn’t quite ready to manage this. From the first step into Pearson, it was clear that something was not quite working as it usually does.

Here’s my twitter post:

Lines of hundreds with little understanding of what the line was for was evident from the beginning…so we found the line we WERE supposed to be in and we settled into the shuffling, stop and go, that is part of these lovely experiences.

In front of us was a woman, from Columbia originally, with her daughter. She was lovely and so friendly and we had a great chat for 45 minutes. She saw our Salvation Army identity on our clothing and told us her story related to TSA. It turns out she use to work at the Vancouver Harbour Light doing some PR/media work for them. Eventually, she left for other employment but continued to volunteer describing that place as being a remarkable place helping so many… She had such a big smile talking about her time there. As a volunteer, she told us, she met a lovely Englishman who she ended up marrying.

As they were living in Vancouver and finding it too expensive to live a life that they wished, she said they moved to, are you ready for it, St. John NB. She says they live on the outskirts of town near the water and can afford to own a property they wanted. It was a delightful conversation and helped pass the time.

I like being in clothes that put our identity on the outside It generally generates fascinating conversations and we discover great stories. Maybe you’ve got a story you want to include below in the comments – there are lots to be told.

Finally we were home yesterday and as we sat on our lovely new sofa I looked up at the blue sky through the skylight – what a great view!

Good to be home

It was a long day – but good to be home. So good.

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