Camrose cafe delights

Taking time seems to be a growing theme in our lives. There was a time when it seemed every waking hour was about ministry obligations. Now I use that word in the very best sense of its meaning. Seeing the impact of ministry on people was always a driving force and I really did feel that we were about the business of transforming a neighbourhood one or two lives at a time…so you’ll understand when I say obligated there is a sense that we felt “compelled” which is the word the Bible uses, to show God’s love.

Now, these days we have more time, and we have more space being in the great prairies. And we are enjoying doing some exploring.

Saturday we drove back to Camrose so that Wendy could visit the quilt shop – blog post to follow.

While she went to the quilt shop I wandered down the street. Camrose has some really old buildings in the downtown area that have survived.

1908 Main Street is in one of those really old buildings. It was once the Canadian Club but looking at the building I wondered if it was once a town hall orlibrary. It’s quite a building. There are a number of stairs up the front and then the restored interior.

I ordered a coffee and took the last two cinnamon buns for later… they were delcisious.

The displays and furniture are all done very classy. Entering I found this on a small table just inside the front door. I thought – that’s smart!

As well as coffee and tea they had a lovely display of bakery items and ice cream and toppings. A restored fireplace was off to the left and a few tables and chairs. I saw one person order and receive a fabulous-looking greek salad – I was ready to get to a table and order my own! Oh yes, Wendy’s down the street…

We’ll be back in the months to come.

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