Halloween report

It’s been a while – quite a while since I was out trick or treating… but let it be recorded, October 31, 2021 both Wendy and I were out! We went to scout out the area with Carlyle, Fitz and Paige – though I think it really was because Amanda was scared of the dark and all those creatures lurking about the sidewalks.

Exhibition one: Scary creature

So you see, Amanda has a legitimate reason to be scared and this was a neighbour.

We have promised not to post pictures of the kids so no cute pictures here of the three kiddos all dressed up but a few pictures of the experience and a few comments. First of all, everyone seemed to go all out this year – like pent up terrifying the neighbour’s anxiety was released. The above picture will give you some insight, but here’s another interesting picture – another neighbour who is friends with Phil …and a paramedic….

Of course, there were lots of candy and Carlyle and Fitz with their friends were setting quite the pace going from house to house Paige was unable to keep up without some help from Mom and Grandpa – Grandma carried the ever expanding candy bag for her while we helped her move a little quicker.

There were a few scary doors but it is amazing how many people on the street so there are few unknown doors that they approach.

After all those steps, laughter and talking we arrived home ready for bed and a night of good sleep!


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