Have a sober opinion of yourself

A number of years ago a young lady asked me about how she could see herself – not appearance in a mirror but should she see herself as someone of deep need, not measuring up to what Christ calls us to. It was a remarkable moment to see a young lady with real talent, remarkable intelligence and a stately beauty try to determine how she should view herself.

It was clear she was really serious and on a search to understand, as a young adult, how to measure herself. She made it clear that she was well aware of those around her, especially on social media platforms that easily and frequently profiled themselves as “beautiful” and “successful”. It’s hard to not see these posts and to end up comparing yourself to them.

I pointed her to the Scripture which calls us to “have a sober opinion of ourselves” (Romans 12:3) not thinking more highly of ourselves, but not thinking too lowly of ourselves either. This world is quick to beat us down – which is a direct result I should mention, in my opinion, of too many people working to their own advantage rather working to the good of all, but don’t miss the point. We are called not to think too lowly of ourselves, but not to operate from a position of arrogance.

As a friend of mine use to say – there’s a fine line between arrogance and confidence.

So what is our worth? I think that this song answers the question well.

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