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As I’ve been writing, we’ve been doing a number of small outings to see some of the small towns around us. We came across this small shop with a very large sign in the window. As I read it I was surprised to see what is being suggested but then again rural Alberta seems to have a number of people who are upset about health regulations being imposed in the larger culture.

I’m not saying where this shop is because I would not want to give them any air time.

The store owner, it would appear is not following health protocols so we passed by…perhaps they think more customers will come to them but I think it will likely be less.

The rationale that people are using to make decisions around their personal health in a pandemic perplexes me and I suppose this post could attract them. But frankly we’re making decisions for ourselves to protect our health and that of our family as well as those who could be more vulnerable.

Thinking about the welfare of others is just what my mother taught me growing up.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    How sad, there seems to be more disagreements with people over vaccinations and wearing masks and some violence along with it yes we should care about each other right now enough to do the right thing

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