Spruce Park Country Store

We had a lovely visit to the Spruce Park Country Garden and Coffee Shop, though in the midst of a pandemic it was clearly not set up to be a coffee shop/cafe. We took the round-a-bout route to get to this place as it is out in the country and it seemed unfit for wanting to be in the country to drive through the city to get there….Loved the drive though even in rural Alberta speed limits seem to be 100.

on the front porch

The long driveway gave you the immediate clue that you needed, this is a working farm and we had just got parked when the tractor went by.

can you hear the quiet?

Inside was small, but full of lovely gift ideas, decorative touches, ladies clothes, preserves, signage, even some frozen bison meat!

I liked the idea of picking up Raspberry syrup
Bison meat

I think I enjoyed the outdoors more than being inside, with the animals around, the stillness of the air and being in a rural setting. Sometimes I wonder if I wouldn’t have been happier growing up out in the country somewhere?

I think the grandkids would love to come here!

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Looks like a beautiful spot so nice that you can take the time to be in the country, how I would love to do that but then I had many happy years in the Niagara area with lots of country spots

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