My friend Graham

I first met Graham when I was on the executive of Church Planting Canada. We hired him to help us execute some of the practical matters we were planning. Graham comes from Guelph but when I met him in BC at the CPC meeting he had just returned to Canada from the UK where he had been working with Nicky Gumble. Since that time he’s headed to Montreal to do some unique work in creating a new church plant.

Graham is, in my opinion, one of those rare people who is more than priest or preacher, he’s more prophet and his work to try to engage all denominations in a conversation around church property is considerable. Here’s the deal, there are denominations, especially main-line churches who are selling hundreds of buildings – last word from the United Church as 900 I believe, the Anglicans somewhere near 500. At the same time there are new plants who cannot afford to buy land or buildings. Graham has been working to see how these precious properties to be saved from simply becoming another developers project, or being turned into restaurants for small theaters.

Graham correctly saw that in Montreal this was especially true and has gone to do a church plant. This article is a good representation of his work.

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