When you think you’re right

I see people making comments on social media about politicians, about personalities, about what they strongly disagree with. I don’t think it’s that effective except I suppose people feel like they’ve had a chance to vent. However, this does add to the general sense of “anger” on line and while in isolated cases it really doesn’t matter, when it gets added to hundreds, thousands, millions of other angry voices I think it does matter. I think it creates unrest in others, it creates a sense of distrust of those in authority, and ultimately it doesn’t build up but tears down.

What if we started with a different premise. Instead of launching off on social media about what went wrong, what if we launched on what went right, what we say that was helpful, or was noble?

What if hunderds, thousands, millions of people noted noble acts, voices, people? What would be the wave that might help not hurt?

We’ve got power is social media that our forefathers never had – one voice can now be heard by millions around the globe. So could we take that power and use for construction rather than destruction?

What if we believed the best in people? What if we held up the kind, the good, the moral? How effect would that have on others – and on us?

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