One list, several stores

We’re being asked to take it easy in what we buy. There is a need right now not to panic, not to purchase everything we can lay our hands-on and think about others.

This idea of thinking about others is really important. Our family, our friends and our neighbours, as well as those we don’t know, need supplies too. If we buy 20 packages of meat, toilet paper, rice, flour, whatever it is that’s on the shelf in front of us, we deprive others of getting what they need.

Don’t hoard.

The elderly, the poor, those at risk need supplies too. So let me applaud those stores who are making an effort to control the purchasing of the public and appeal to you to listen to your conscience, not your fear.

If you want to lift your spirits remember that spring is here, it will soon be nice enough to be outdoors – whether it’s a balcony or a backyard. But until then check on those around you to make sure they are okay. Be a neighbour.

img_20200315_131101img_20200315_130857In contrast, let me show you the garden area of Home Depot where I was the other day. Be hopeful, look forward to sunshine and outdoors and remember that no matter what God is the Heavenly Father who loves you and who overs you peace of mind – something you can’t get in any store.

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