On our way to…

These days of Corovid -19 are taking us places we’ve never been before, certainly not in my lifetime. Mom’s in “lockdown” inside the Meighen Residence, we’re working on our business continuity plan, Jason’s got the kids off school for three weeks and Philip is dealing directly with patients.

These are unusual days.

I watched Andy Stanley this morning which is not our usual routine. Typically we watch Bobby Schuller. Andy’s message was set on the Book of Mark – and it was a great message on how John Mark recorded his purpose, disdain for the religious leaders and fulfillment of the prophets by using the written Word vs unwritten tradition.

I very much loved it.

Along the lines of unusual, we were at home today!  I did a bit of clean up in the garden but the inbox was pretty busy with Covid-19 communications.

Now, on a completely different note – here’s a YouTube channel you might enjoy while you spend time self-isolated!


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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Loved the Youtube video

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