What good is it to wash your hands?

I’ve been thinking…

Do you ever wonder why there are door handles on washroom doors? Is there a better way? I mean I know we are supposed to wash our hands after being in the washroom, but what good does that do if others don’t – even one? I think that’s why men are usually ready to exit the bathroom when you open the door to go in…. they are waiting to be rescued!

You can try to put your hand in your pocket and use your pants as a way to guard against germs, but really that’s just a good way to get the door banged into your nose! Or worse, to have someone walk in and wonder what you are doing?  That could be worse – more embarrassing.

Many people grab paper towels after washing their hands to use when opening the door, but now fewer and fewer bathrooms have paper towels – rather they have a Dyson vacuum mounted on the wall to dry your hands with!!


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