Thanksgiving 2019

We had the joy of being with Jason and the grandkids on the thanksgiving weekend. Now that they are in Ottawa it’s a much easier and cheaper journey to spend time together. And now we are seeing how Rachel, Beth and Ted are growing and changing with each passing visit.

The weather was good, for the most part, and so we were able to get outside and do somethings together.

I love taking the kids to the park to ride their bikes.

img_20191013_151338img_20191011_161111img_20191011_161014img_20191011_161937Of course, food is a big part of any family visit and we had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner! Jason did a lamb roast and what a treat that was. It’s not hard to be thankful in this setting with the kids around us. We are continually saying to each other – we are a blessed family!

Thank you Lord for the days of blessing that come into our lives!


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