October 27th

This would have been Dad’s 89th birthday. Yes, we still remember after all these years! How could we forget? I asked my Mom on Saturday what she thought he would be like at 89, her response without hesitation was, “a lot of fun”. Yes, I think so.

Mom and Cath went to the grave on Sunday and dropped off a rose, and made sure that the marker was clean.


As I have said before, this is one of my favourite pictures of Dad. He’s walking with Jason and as was his style at this age, Jason is talking up a storm using his hands to add an illustration. You can tell that Dad is listening – he was always good at that.


Do ever wonder about what legacy you will leave? What people will say about you? What’s more important I think is what will people remember – what ways will your life impact others that cause them to remember and then want to emulate?

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