She’s one

Paige turns one

I know that a one-year-old is not happy all the time, and the occasional cry has been heard by this grandpa, but it seems to me that she’s always got a big smile and is as happy as one could be at one year of age.

Yesterday Paige marked one year and the family went out for a hike. They sent us some great photos that you’ll never see – sorry about that – but it’s best for the sake of the kids.

I do however have a picture of the cake!  And what a cake it is!!  Seems that Amanda has become the great cake baker with winning designs appearing at each birthday. She’s even promised to make me an award-winning cake if we move to Edmonton. That in it’self is a great reason to pack up and move.

If you notice…there’s a finger swiping some icing off the cake – before it’s cut!

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