A day of hiking

Philip and I had a most enjoyable day yesterday as we grabbed our hiking shoes and back packs and headed out to Kootney National Park.  The weather was good and we had both our cameras along to try and grab some good photos – and yes we did!

No Phil your phone doesn’t work here

As the water descends towards the canyon

See the evidence of the forest fire

Phil getting a photo too

This was just the beginning of the day though….we were soon off to visit the paint pots – a natural phenomenon which the aboriginal people used to create paints and dyes.

Iron oxide in the springs up the hill bring this area a very red appearance

Heading up to the springs

Even the soil is red

One of the springs

the cold water also creates green

The second of three springs within a rock

My travel companion

We did drive down to Radium for supper and then as we were leaving we spotted within a short distance 3 black bears – the last was sprinting across the highway so no pictures but here’s the other two just grazing by the road.

Black bear #1 

Black Bear #2

It was a great day and I really enjoyed being with Phil out in the great outdoors!  Alberta and BC are beautiful provinces.

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