A very different Christmas

I have to say off all the coming Christmas mornings we’ve had in years past this was one I wasn’t looking forward to with a great deal of enthusiasm.  With the kids away and our grandkids with them (obviously) we knew it was going to be a mild Christmas – a little too adult orientated.  We had however resigned ourselves to making the most of it, and to our surprise we had received an invitation to join Wendy’s Dad and family for Christmas dinner.

Early Sunday morning (somewhere around 4 am) we lost power to our house.  The ice storm was bringing down tree branches all around us and with it the whole neighbourhood was in darkness. As this was effecting large parts of the city we have joined thousands who too are without power. The weather was cooperating as it stayed around zero but as of Christmas eve the temperatures had dropped as to accelerate our heat loss in the house.

Initially we were able to keep the temperature in the house around 16 by using candles and our own body heat – but each night we lost another few degrees and as of Christmas morning we were down to 5 degrees.  We turned on the taps to keep the pipes from freezing and headed to my sister’s place where we shared with the family a wonderful day.

This has become a Christmas we won’t soon forget but one filled with small mercies and blessings from God.  What might appear dire to many seems to have a significant lining of joy and intimacy. Yes we are counting our blessings and finding we have many.

Today by the blessing of technology we have been able to see and talk to Jason and Susan and Rachel in Newfoundland and later to Phil, Amanda and Carlyle in Alberta.  Yes we are blessed.

Now to add a home with power would be wonderful.

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