Investing time and money

I invested quite a bit of time yesterday in a trip to Montreal.  With an early morning pick up of 5:30 for a 7 am flight the day was off to a quick start.  The Salvation Army has an arm called the National Recycling Organization which is led by John Kershaw.  John is an enthusiastic leader and brings a great deal of skill to the role.  It is apparent though when with his team that he’s also skilled at letting other people in this team have the floor – they get to contribute well and he praises them for doing so.

I am not sure how we are going to manage this, but I am hoping at some point that what we’ve learned with NRO can be shared with our Corps run Thrift Stores.  To those of you looking from the inside out, this might not make much sense, but our Thrift Stores run under two management systems…you may say we have corporate stores (NRO) and franchise stores (run locally).

The corps ones, the franchise ones are running into more and more trouble as they face increasing competition.  The NRO ones are becoming more and more financially and missionaly sustainable. It is exciting to see, and I have to say I have NOT been a fan of the NRO stores in the past for a great many reasons.  But John and his team are really making me a believer.

So perhaps one day we’ll have as strong a series of stores run by corps as we do by NRO – that’s my hope.  (You may say I’m a dreamer….but I’m not the only one).

Speaking of investment of time – look at this great statement regarding the ethics of The Army’s investment strategy:

“Investment managers may not invest in any security issued by a company whose primary business activity is the manufacture, distribution or promotion of alcohol, tobacco, pornography, gaming or gaming facilities, or the manufacture of armaments. 
In addition, investment managers may not invest any funds in companies which are known to disregard the pollution of the environment.”

I read that and said: “I love it”.

So with this post about investment – what are you investing in?

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