On my own for a few days

A bachelor I am today…well not so much a bachelor as “without Wendy” who has flown off to Colorado.  She’s attending “Come to the Waters” –  She is there with 7 others who are taking in this women’s ministry conference.

Not all my friends of different denominational stripes give women the kind of freedom in leadership that The Salvation Army does…but then some denominations let you chose what you will do next so there are trade offs.

We can work apart quite well – be in different parts of the country without our worlds coming apart but frankly I like being together.  I suppose one might say that’s why we’re married and have been married for 34 years.  Companionship is above all things (in my life) something that keeps me centered.

So even though I’m a bachelor for a couple of days I will look forward to being together again.


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