World largest yacht

When I was in St. John’s in the autumn there was a huge tall ship in the harbour – it was a Russian ship.  I posted that video here.

While we are in Bermuda the world’s largest yacht is in the harbour – the Eclipse.  Yesterday we had a bit of time to go along the water front and get some photos – though unlike the tall ship this one is securely docked and wasn’t going anywhere.  The owner of this ship is from Russia – a billionaire who apparently likes BIG toys.

The photos don’t really do this ship justice.  It is simply massive.  I compared it to the size of a frigate but here’s a link to some more information.

As I walked beside this yacht I wondered is the owner in town?  Has he sent the ship here for some reason?  Would someone of this wealth take a relatively slow mode of transportation to Bermuda?  Why not further south where it’s a bit warmer at this time of the year?  If he’s on board – where is he going?

By the way this ship has defenses!  Bullet proof glass, missiles, the whole thing.

The Eclipse

The escape boat

Along the harbour front

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