If only I could see a lake out the window

The weather forecaster on the television tonight tells us it’s minus 25 in Edmonton tonight.  It rained here today.  Sorry, but I just don’t miss those cold temperatures no matter how dry the cold is.

I awoke around 5 this morning – not sure why other than the fact that those of us past 50 seem to have trouble sleeping through the night.  Having eyes wide awake I decided to start into Bill Hybel’s Walk Across the Room.  His books are very readable and truth be told I skip alot of his stories – I don’t think I need the point illustrated 5 different ways…once is enough.

Have I ever told you I would love to be an author?  In fact when I was younger I took a journalism course.  Writing has always been something I have enjoyed – as illustrated, I hope, in this blog.  Though I have to admit that I’m not a great writer and my grammar needs a great deal of work!

But putting thought into print is something I enjoy.

A few years ago I was on a course and we were asked to take an hour to write out our “perfect day”.  As I imagined mine I found myself working in a good library, with a great view of a small lake, creating resources for pastors.  And now I find myself in a role at work that is all about resources for pastors.  God is good.

Most days aren’t perfect, but then that’s not my expectation.  In fact challenging days are what really give a day energy.  Isn’t that true for you?  The days are filled with an opportunity to create, support, resource.

So as 2012 comes to a close I’m pleased to say Wendy and I feel we’re in a good spot.  And of course we are grateful to God for how He continues to bless our lives.  Even if I can’t see a small lake from my window!  Yup it’s powerlines instead!

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