Citizenship and emotion

Tuesday is election day in the USA and most of us will be watching intently to see whether President Obama and his administration carry on or a new administration will come to Washington.  Most of us have watched succeeding administrations come and go and have opinions on which ones did well and which ones did not.

This election seems to be filled with great polarity – though I remember some pretty strong emotion around the selection of Nixon during the days of Vietnam.

Regardless of our opinions I am surprised of some of the things I hear from Christians – words of hatred – “he’s an idiot” was one phrase that struck me as harsh.  In fact regardless of our faith why is it that people have such contempt for people who give themselves to serve their country?  In the movie there’s a great line that is put to Michael Douglas who is cast as the President of the United States.  “How can you be so patient with people who say they love American but clearly hate Americans?”

Hate is a pretty powerful word – and Jesus reminds us that hatred is just a step away from murder.  He said “you’ve heard it said don’t murder but I say don’t hate”.  It’s the same principle He used to lift people from simply not committing adultery to the challenge of not lusting.

What is the best we can do?  What are the principal goals of our life?

We spend a great deal of time and energy and words condemning and critiquing   Is that the best we can do?  I’m convinced that our days of toil and labour on this world can bring about what’s better about us rather than what isn’t.  What do you think?

Do you love your country?  Do you love your fellow citizens?

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