Summer reading list

The pace of life in the summer slows, we have a bit more time to sit and read grabbing a cool drink to sip on as we take advantage of the season.  At least that’s my life right now.  I’ve been buying a few new books to read, though some of them have been on the market for a while.  This book came to me from the author.  He had written to THQ for person in charge of evangelism….so it came to my desk….for free.  When I’m done I’ll put it in our library (yes we have a library) and it will be available for others to read.

Robert Coleman has written other books and is the author of one of my favourite books “The Spark that Ignites”, so I’m looking forward to the read.

The Urban Ministry book was given to me (again free….thank you) recently and it was suggested that this is the text book for the Corps Ministry Secretary, which would imply that the staff of the Corps Ministries Department should also read it…get ready a copy is coming your way.

I’ll add a few more books in postings to come!

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