Mountain hike

Philip had us out on the trail this morning.  The original intent to go snowshoeing in Lake Louise didn’t come to fruition but we did head to Kananaskis country and headed to Heart Creek – a gorgeous canyon with a small mountain stream running through it.

I could have taken a million photos.  The grey cold rock rising above us – snow capped mountains just over the  ridge, the sound of rushing water, the aroma a thousands of spruce, pine and juniper filling the air, the white, white snow reflecting the brilliant sunshine all to be captured – if only one could really capture even just a bit of our surroundings.

There will be a video of today but that will take a while to get together!

 So now we’re a bit weary – back at Phil and Amanda’s place – looking forward to tonight’s celebration – a week early birthday celebration for the very young and lovely Amanda Jean!

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