GCB is a bit too accurate

For the second Sunday evening in a row Wendy and I sat down to watch GCB.  In case you’re unaware what that stands for, it’s a show about the women of a particular community who all attend the same church, who see themselves as (G) good (C) Christians but whose behaviour is not so….well, christian!

The writers are, no doubt, very aware of the under belly of The Church and it shows up – somewhat exaggerated – in the script.  The dialogue while a bit risque is laced with Scriptural references and church values.  We were repeatedly uncomfortable with how accurate the portrayal was surrounding the dynamic of people rubbing shoulders with people.

At one point Wendy commented that The Church should be paying attention to this show – that this reveals a strong impression of what people see in The Church.  While the women compete to keep their influence on their husbands, their work in charity that is self serving, to protect their hypocritical decisions, the men are not guiltless either.

GCB does paint a picture of The Church that is, in my humble opinion, unfortunate.  There are themes of course that are true of every group of people – church or not – but the images, themes, plots and characters being developed on this show ring a little too true in my ears.

Now for those of you who are feeling a bit shocked at the moment let me add this – The Church is the Bride of Christ, and as I’ve come to understand, when you’re talking about the Bride of Christ, it should be done cautiously.  It would be considered both inappropriate and disloyal to do so.

Let me tell you about the good people in The Church – the saints of God who are faithful, not perfect – who love others without prejudice – who give of themselves with honest intent and generosity.  who do put others first and understand what it means to serve sacrificially.

The Church is not perfect (what group is?) and I do wish that the show GCB didn’t hit home so close at times.  My guess is that someone on the writing team or one of the producers has suffered at the hands of a GCB.  They have grown up with this – perhaps even lived at home with a family like this – I do hope they come to see that their take, cynical as it is, isn’t how God intended it to be.

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