The beginning of our March break

This week we have Jason, Susan and Rachel with us.  Have I told you how much I love having them near us?  It is a great joy.  It’s only 145 km from their door to ours.  We get to see them often.

I talked to Phil last night – he’s somewhere in the middle of nowhere AB!  Our first call didn’t go so well as his cell reception is horrible.  We tried a second time and we got about 30 minutes of clear signal.  It was great to connect by phone.

This may be showing my age, but I am always impressed by what can be achieved by technology.  And I’m grateful when it lets us stay in touch with our family.

Mom is off in sunny Florida right now soaking up those warm winds.  I’m looking forward to warm winds coming our way – though it was snowing here (on and off) the forecast calls for some warm weather here next week.  And warm weather always makes me think about the trailer as the post below attests to.

Have I told you I’m off to the UK soon?  I’ve been asked by the TC to attend a weekend that the UK Territory hosts at their College for Officer Training.  I’m looking forward to it, but won’t have any time to go sight seeing!

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