Goals for 2012

Day one…364 to go…how’s your resolution coming?  Here we go – remember intention doesn’t lead to results just regret.  Action brings affirmation of self!

We were off to church this morning – the crowd was a bit small but the service was good.  I enjoyed people sharing about their struggles but God’s faithfulness.  I’m really liking this little corps.

I have a few goals for 2012.  I’ll be participating in the Arrow Program, Executive Leader stream from here to February 2013 and I’m already working on assignments and getting books read.  So leadership development is part of my plan going forward.  I’m going to be starting a regiment of exercise (but buying no exercise equipment…but I put new batteries in our Wii Fit.  Thirdly – a plan to read through the Bible in the next year.  I’ve done this one before and missed it in 2011…so back on the agenda it goes.

Also I’ve been thinking about our street.  It’s a real mix of people, race and religion and social standing but what has me thinking is the area to the south of us – 2 shootings there in 6 months.  I’m asking the LORD to give me some insight into how “the church” could reach into that area and how I could be involved.  Someone asked me if we would ask to move…but then salt is suppose to be salty where it needs to be.

May the LORD bless you as you enter into this new year.

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